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Skin tags treatment is easier than you think

Skin tags treatment is easier than you think

At Alwoodley Aesthetics we use state of the art technology to remove unwanted skin tags.

The treatment is fast effective & safe for Large Skintags (4mm-6mm) on the face and hard to Reach Areas

Skin tags are soft, skin-coloured growths on the skin. They are very common and are usually small and harmless.

Skin tags are usually the same colour as the rest of your skin, or a little darker. They can look like they're hanging off the skin. They do not usually hurt and are normally harmless.

Skin tags often grow where your skin rubs together or where there are folds in your skin.

This means they usually appear:

on your neck

under your arms

on your eyelids

under your breasts

around your bottom

Skin tags range in size from around 2mm to 5cm. You may get one or you may get a large group of them

Removing skin tags can cause scarring or darken skin (hyperpigmentation) where the skin tag was, particularly on black or brown skin. These effects are usually temporary, although it can sometimes be permanent.

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